New Additions to Storage Facility

10 Foot Units

Some new small units are now available at

They are smaller than the 20 foot units (half the size) and are perfect for people who only want to store a single item or maybe a few items only. There are many people who will fall into this category both private and business who just need to get certain items stored securely, maybe a quad bike, motor bike, cycles, garden implements, rotavator, or maybe just a few household items like wardrobes settee sofas chairs etc. They measure 10 feet deep by 8 feet wide and 8 feet high. As with all storage bedfordshire’s units they are easy to access with a car or van fully watertight and secure. People have been asking about smaller units for some time so we thought it about time we did something to accommodate these folks and now we do have some available. We will be testing the demand and may find it necessary to expand this range.

There is just nothing better than having having your very own secure lockup to store some of your precious equipment away from prying eyes, or just to free more space at home to make life easier.